Laura G.

It’s hard to describe Michela in words… Few people in my life have managed to come so effectively to mind, heart and soul at the same time. Her knowledge is combined with her very high energy, succeeding in transmitting concepts that are not always easy in a very simple way directly to people’s hearts. Thanks also for talking about spirituality to a community that needs it so much! See you soon!

Alessandra D.

I met Michela almost a year ago, by chance, she told me a common knowledge…and a love was born! Michela has a great energy, at the first consultation I opened up as we have always been friends, I opened her my heart because I felt safe, protected, at home. Her empathic capacity belongs to a few, as does her capacity for loving and ever-present listening. Shortly after the formative process began and here I found, and I still find professionalism, attention, love and the constant will to lead people to a new and deeper state of self-understanding, to the dynamics that move us, from family/genealogy to conflicts that we do not even imagine to have. Meeting Michela is a precious gift that I wish to all.

Silvia B.

Michela … a breath of energy in my life!!

 She managed to enter in my essence. She felt over and over again what I needed…. Layer after layer she helped me to remove those thought patterns , those beliefs that blocked my deep essence, she helps you get yourself closer to the real you, without so many turns of thought and without so many masks. With Michela I realized that rebirth is possible if you are in line with your deepest knowledge. Then she is an ironic woman who gives hope and trust! Thank you Michela because your courage gives us courage to expand!

Irene B.

I have known Michela since May 2016 when I attended her seminar on prosperity. From there a great journey of friendship and collaboration began for us. Michela was a beacon and a guide in a period of doubt and uncertainty, and then she was at my side, sharing in the joy found again. Her deep and sensitive knowledge of the human being and therefore of the subtle laws that underlie life, make her an exceptional professional, with a unique competence and authenticity. One of her greatest gifts is to be able to transmit and make understand, always with clarity and effectiveness, topics of enormous scope such as the development of your own potential, growth and personal evolution. Michela is a precious person, her energy and skills are gifts she gives to the community.

Luigina R.

I met Michela at a training course on Lake Iseo, she is a person who emanates a very powerful energy and welcomed me generously giving me important keys to my expansion . I can only be grateful and recommend the experience. Have a great journey everyone.

Serena G.

I met Michela Crivellaro almost a year ago thanks to a friend who asked me to attend one of her seminars. I immediately liked Michela’s personality and the information she gave me was simple, enlightening and in line with what I knew inside of me but that in years of external conditioning had been dormant. Now I have three seminars and in November I will participate in the fourth that will deal with the theme of Forgiveness. I thank Michela Crivellaro for the love she puts into her work and my friend for making me know her. If you have never participated in one of her seminars I suggest you to try at least to get an idea.

Federica L.

For me Michela is pure energy, enthusiasm, sensitivity, professionalism (with a capital P), a great woman, a mother who is accompanying me and guiding me in this journey of rediscovering myself. I think that anyone who feels the push towards a change and wants to “take it in hand” looking at its limits and inconveniences to “dust off” even all the hidden potentials, can do it in a wonderful journey to rediscover themselves together. It’s thanks to her. Because, as Michela always says, you have to have courage, that is to put your heart at ease.. And in addition to having it for real, she infuses a lot of it! Let yourself be infected!!

Luisella G.

I chose Michela for a path of personal growth, and I could not make a better choice! Charismatic, professional, sensitive, and loving person. She made me feel understood immediately and not judged. She has great communication skills. It helped me to clarify my darkest parts, until the Rebirth! Thank you ❤ Michela

Michela S.

Wonderful person and outstanding professional!!!

Very prepared. I met Michela during an evening and her disruptive strength, her professionalism, her knowledge to the nth degree, her attitude allowed me to know myself better, love me and accept me not without questioning me and giving me the opportunity to feed on knowledge allowing me to grow and never wanting to stop. Thank you for the woman you are and for what you gave me.

Cristina R.

She’s a wonderful person and an exceptional professional!!! She’s very prepared, she gets to the point, to the knot that needs to be untied. It’s hard not to empathize with her. When you leave her studio you feel lighter and more positive, ready to transform. Best present I could get!